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Freena and Harrison

Freena and Harrison

Hi Rosanna,

Thank you! The entire weekend was absolutely magical, dreamy, and just perfect. Harrison and I (and our families) are still over the moon and haven’t quite returned to earth a week later. All we can talk about is how everything far exceeded our wildest expectations, and how amazed we were even though we thought we knew what was coming!

Working with Stefania was wonderful – both over the 13 months of planning and most especially during the 4 days at Il Borro. She kept us calm, kept everything in order, and was able to handle all our many questions from “can we have an elephant” to “can we change just one more thing” up to the day of the wedding. So much went into planning each and every day and every last detail of every last event, and Stefania guided us through the process seamlessly. We simply cannot even begin to imagine what things would have been like without her and we cannot thank her enough.

The planning website that Distinctive Italy used gave us so much clarity over the entire process. Endless emails become confusing, especially when there are so many things to discuss all at once. The website was able to break everything down into the key components and give Stefania a way to communicate with us clearly and methodically. We really appreciated being able to refer back to conversations for our own reference and to be able to discuss all the components of the weekend at once in such an easy way.

We were lucky enough to have 2-3 other members of Distinctive Italy present during the wedding weekend as well, Rita, Lara, and Marianna helped guide the guests, kept a glass of wine in our hands, and just were absolutely wonderful the entire weekend. A huge thank you to all three of them as well.

Alessandro (the florist) was another magician. He worked with us through many iterations of our vision vs. the budget, which was so difficult but so important to us. In the end, his work was so far beyond what we had imagined that the whole venue just looked like a fairytale. Our mothers, both avidly into floral arrangements, were speechless every day when they saw the beauty he had created and Harrison and I are so grateful.

Patrizia (the beauty expert), was my personal guardian angel during the whole weekend and I cannot stress how wonderful she was to have by my side. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and she did it with an air of calm and control that was passed on to anyone who came into my room at any time. Her talents at hair and makeup are unspeakable and her presence at the wedding went so far beyond her call of duty. I would recommend her to every bride – I just wish I could keep her by my side every day!

Luca and Rossini Photos were so professional and so wonderful at capturing the moments quickly and efficiently. With such a busy weekend, we didn’t have the most time to take posed photos, but Luca managed and then blended into the parties so that the guests didn’t even seem to realize we had photographers. The same can be said for Sergio – I’m not sure the guests even knew we had a videographer and we certainly appreciated his constant presence. We can’t wait to see both final products!

Kaleydo is probably the reason every single event just looked stunning – beyond the flowers and decorations, I never would have expected the lighting to make such a huge difference at each location and they did not disappoint. Every picture we have seen has just been gorgeous, which is so impressive.

Galateo catering provided the most delicious food all weekend. Our guests are still raving about every meal and all the table settings and we are so glad we chose them.

Our venue, Il Borro was special to us from the moment we stepped foot on the premise 13 months ago, and they did not disappoint. The service provided to each and every guest was just flawless and, combined with the setting, put our guests in the most happy and relaxed frame of mind. Each guest was thrilled with the accommodation and the Villa was the most gorgeous place to stay during the weekend. We loved all the different locations we had at our disposal for the different events - each event opened up a new special part of the venue.

Finally, the fireworks. Of the entire weekend, these fireworks stunned us the most and we are hearing from all our guests that this was their absolute favorite part of the weekend as well. The choreography to music and the sheer amount of what we saw was just astounding and cemented the magic of the weekend.

We are more than happy to be used as references, and we will also recommend your services to each and every one of our friends looking to get married in Italy.

For your own interest, Harrison and I have compiled all the pictures we’ve received from our friends and family into a story in our Instagram profiles. Both of us have added them to our profile as memories we have saved, if you or Stefania would like to take a look.

With all our love,
Freena and Harrison

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