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Jasheen and Neil Indian Wedding

Jasheen and Neil

Dear Rosanna
We owe you a huge thank you for all your hard work, dedication, attention to detail and patience in planning the wedding. The timeline, number of events and logistical challenges made this a very complex wedding to plan and we couldn't have done any of it without you - I sincerely thank you for everything.
Each event went off fantastically well - all providers were able to re-create what we had planned with incredible success and professionalism. I thank them for their efforts and it's a credit to you for helping us to select providers that were able to execute to this level of success.

Galateo did a fantastic job. The service was excellent and their staff were very knowledgeable about all the details - including the items on the Indian menu.

The flowers were perfect - the mandap and the Saturday archway in particular were just spectacular.
The guests thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks - they were excellent and timed perfectly. Alma was very professional and their lighting on Friday in the amphitheater was excellent. All the booked entertainment was very enjoyable.

I cannot fault your team. From the moment they arrived on Thursday, they took over all the preparations and Neil and I could enjoy all the events knowing that everything was being handled seamlessly in the background.

We of course would be more than happy to offer a testimonial to any of your future potential clients. Do not hesitate in contacting me anytime.

Wish you and the DIW team continued success in all your events and should any of our guests want to get married in Italy (I think after this weekend there may be many interested), it will be my pleasure to recommend your services.

Grazie Mille Rosanna!!
Jasheen & Neil

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