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Pooja and Justin

Raffaela and Rosanna - From the bottom of our hearts, please accept our sincerest thanks! You exceeded our expectations and made the process so smooth and stress free.

We were watching the flower arrangements being put together and the tea lights being hung with care as wood logs passed by for the altar. It was like this beautifully organized and choreographed dance that we watched unfold with awe. Everyone we know has said it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to, and that’s a phenomenal compliment considering some of these guests are in their 60’s. You have set the bar so high for any wedding we attend that I can only imagine my beautiful wife and I whispering into each other’s ears saying “well it sure doesn’t top our wedding”! (And I’m sooo fine with that :)). From the sitar and tabla players setting the stage during our Hindu ceremony, to the jazz band serenading us with the Girl from Ipanema during ravioli appetizers, we continued to float through each night like our feet never touched the surface. Your vendors, such as the photographer and videographer had such personalities that they made us shine in moments of embarrassment or anxiety. They were patient with us and asked us what we wanted, but directed us when we needed structure. We could not have asked for more in Villa Oliviero. It’s quintessential backdrop of Positano and our colorful procession up its steep stairs; we have too many sensational moments to memorialize.

We wanted to make sure that we do whatever you might need of us. Can we offer a review of your services, or something that you could request in return for all your hard work and coordination? We would be honored to give back in a way that might benefit Distinctive Italy Weddings if it means writing a testimonial or offering up photos of the event. Please do suggest what works and we will absolutely consider it. We are indebted to you for making our most special day more than we could have ever imagined.

With so much love,
Pooja and Justin

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