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Sharmila and Kunal

Thanks Rosanna - was a fantastic wedding celebration and great work by you, Junko and the team to deliver that. Us and our guests walked away with a truly amazing experience.

Food / catering was great throughout but the highlight was the Indian food at the reception. All our guests, especially of Indian origin, thought the food was top notch...high praise from people that would normally critique Indian food quite harshly! Dal station was a big hit as was the pani puri.
  • Venue you suggested was perfect! Suited our guests well and loved that we had different venues for each event.
  • Indian food was incredible, our guests raved on about it!
  • The decor was better than I expected it to be.. absolutely stunning and elegant.
  • The DJ for the reception was perfect! He knew how to mix English and Indian songs really well.
Thank you so much! The wedding was a blast and we had a memorable time.

Sharmila and Kunal

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